Status — 13th August, 2013

What the hell happened this time?

Same as before, blog wiped out, backup missing.


How about the projects status?

Still the same, priority #1 is getting done with Saki Blu-rays. I’ve been a little busy in the past weeks for IRL stuffs (inb4 I need money to live and make some, since I’m never rich in the first place) so everything was delayed again. I lost the old VPS and plans to have one again for seeding and stuffs, and retrieving the BDMVs/DVDISOs I saved and backuped somewhere. Still doing some edits on episode scripts, editing some lines, adding additional notes, retiming/resizing signs/blocks, aaaaand fixing the site/blog.


What is this image?

Well, I don’t know how to make up with you people who keeps themselves updated about the SakuraCircle releases. Since you’re having all that trouble just to have some Yuri Mahjong episodes I decided to distract you with a 4-panel I made some time ago.


Why are you having frequent technical problems, IRL problems, other problems that makes you stall from time to time? I hate you.

Since everything else is done by me, except for XDCC bots management by IceBear and [NL]SleepSub (thanks to both of them for granting me the luxury) everytime I have some other stuffs to do, SakuraCircle loses an editor, TL, encoder, QC, as well as site admin. So everything is really my fault, we can’t blame anyone else.

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