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  • mega94

    Tq for this episode! Are you planning to take over the JK to Ero Konbini Tenchou series? As you are the only one to translate the intro wall, I would be interested to see your version. Thanks and rest well.

    • Tennouji

      I originally planned to skip it, since it was a title that I did skip when I was just starting for the reason that I’d leave out titles that I never managed to pick up from episode 1 at that time. Working on it means I have to at least rewatch everything first before translating the latest episode for consistency of details/information. I could do a rushed job on it immediately, but I’d rather not since doing it that way is prone to mistakes.

      I might work on it, but it won’t be like the other latest releases with a high priority (one day jobs) since I don’t want them delayed. Instead, it’ll be a dragged out job, similar to how I worked on some of the old titles like Kanzen Mushuusei / Doll Saaya. But to be honest, I’d rather work on other old releases (I already have one ongoing right now).

      tl;dr = I most likely won’t do it, but if I did it’ll be much much later.

      EDIT: I already started rewatching the past episodes. I’ll be working on it, after all.

  • gaigous

    You’re just the best, don’t even worry about a slight delay.

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