Ane wa Yanmama Junyuuchuu — 01 Web

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from Puff

Don’t readily believe any romanization or translation you see in online db sites as absolute. They’re the same ones who made everyone look like idiots, calling Lovely as Lovely Heart.

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  • Anonymous

    They changed the relation from sister to sister in law…

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!

  • Indonesian Weeb

    Thnx Tennouji and Puff for such a faptastic wincest release!

  • raiden18

    This was a good one, Aika was cute. Expected a darker story from the poster, NTR or something, either way would have been fine, don’t mind the darker stories. MC was right, she put on pants to cover up, but she looked lewder in them…

    ( ̄□ ̄;)

  • Anonymous

    N o i c e ! Thanks!

  • Nakadashi Sensei (@NakadashiSensei)

    The relationship has been censored or altered from her being his sister to his “stepsister”. The second CG set, which the upcoming second Episode in the first week of July will be based off, hasn’t been fully translated in English as of now but I’d expect it too after this as is becoming very popular.

    Some of the CG scenes were omitted probably because they didn’t want to/ or couldn’t find a voice over actor for her husband and their parents in time, who only appeared barely, but would have made the context much more powerful. There’s a scene in the second CG set with her husband that will definitely diminish the story if it doesn’t make it next month second episode.

    June 2020 releases are solid but July 2020 will be MUCH stronger.

  • anon123

    I haven’t read the source material, so I thought the “yan” might stand for yandere and not yankee, but otherwise wasn’t disappointed at all. Thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this!

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