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  • justice league already killed ???

    Queen bee 😏

  • Anonymous

    Snatched her by the pussy

  • Anonymous

    Nerd gets fukd by butch bullys

  • Anonymous

    Queen bee got the hot girls with low frames 😏

  • Psycho

    Is there rank of hentai animation studio from best to worst? I usually always looking for Mary Jane Production. Sometimes PoRo because I think it is good enough. But they always same face.

    • Anonymous

      The best hentai nowadays seem to be from Poro and Nur, they’re the only ones who seem to consistently release good stuff. Sure they tend to reuse the same character faces a lot, but the girls are generally always hot and sex scenes are always really good.

      I guess SakuraCircle likes to translate the worst hentais first, and save the best ones for last. Like they’re doing right now with the 3rd episodes of Tsugunai and Soshite Watashi wa Sensei ni 🙂

    • Bryanis

      Best or worst circle is rarther a question of taste.
      Lot of peoples either dislike or like a lot queen Bee for exemple.

      As for Anonymous above, I think our beloved translator once say he leaved Poro for last since the file tended to get taken down quickly.

      There not many pro circle, Nur / A1C who regroup poro , suzukumirano, bunnywalker & maijin for exemple, Pink Pineapple, Queen Bee, Mary Jane, ZIZ (for Lilith’s game circle related anime work), Showten and Lune-soft are more editing cirlce then making them. There The Bear serie (gold, dark…) but they don’t release a lot of work, and mostly game adaption.

      Take your pick among them…

  • Anonymous

    Man why do they have to keep doing the same copypasta quality plots getting animated. Same gyaru-oh rape/blackmail with retard herbivore. Boring asf man.

    Do a plot twist and have MC packing going around and raping their moms/sister/childhood friends or some shit and be the most twisted guy of all of them. Or make it get really fucked up and having him be the “boss all along” and was messing with her for lulz while he’s banging the female principal to keep her quiet for his boys to have fun.

    Hypno Blink is right there to be animated for some good screwy NTR/mind control/etc and they keep putting out trash like this.

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