Chicchana Onaka 01 — DVD


Video : H264 720×480 @ crf 16 (10-bit) VFR 23.976 fps
Audio : Japanese AAC 48.0 KHz 192kbps
Subtitle : English Advanced Substation Alpha (Modified SubDESU-H script)

480p : Torrent | Stream (re-encoded by HAHO)

I don’t know why I did this. But at least we now have a non-watermarked softsub version alternative if you don’t like other releases available. I have to apologize on very slow seeding. I don’t have a seedbox anymore.

And yeah, should I even randomly do this? I mean, some guys out there might start hating us since you know, I just slapped a subtitle script I made from their hardsubs with a non-watermarked video. Some feedbacks might help me decide about it.

Comments (6)

  • Kucing

    I like soft sub.
    I like correct resolution (720×480).
    And looks like HH sub is more correct than S*bDESU-H (for other H, I haven’t watch this file).
    Maybe you should considering HH.
    Please continue what you’re doing.
    Disclaimer: I haven’t watch this file, but I watched your older H release.

  • Kucing

    When I want to copy some H anime, I found untranslated Shin seiki Cream Lemon ep 2 in my files.
    Maybe it’s better to translate untranslated old H anime rather than this.

  • Kucing

    I was wrong. HH is not good.
    In Watashi ga Toriko …, Lost Virgin translated as This can’t be real.

  • Kucing

    HH did ep 2. Will you do that too?

  • errornamenotfound

    Keep doing this, subdesu-h are charging money to watch their latest releases which is dumb and ill eagle.
    And HH, while i appreciate what they are doing, their watermark is to big.

    PS: do you sub yourself too or just use others/dvd subs?

  • Tennouji

    Just got done on Episode 2. Same as we did on the first episode, OCR, custom typesetting and softsubbed on clean raw, with font attachments included of course. And yes, slow seeding as well, but I uploaded it on a file host earlier so you can DDL it instead when needed.

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