Chiisana Tsubomi no Sono Oku ni… — 02 DVD LQ

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from hikiko123

Things are starting to get good here. I personally like the co-worker gal so far. From what the story gives us, Miku seems to be nür trying to pass off a middle school loli without getting into legal trouble. There isn’t any Yuki at this episode, too bad since I like to know her side of the story with her husband.

It’ll be nice to see some threesome in the upcoming episodes, and better with a bit of yuri if possible.

And another good thing about this episode is its lack of preview, resulting in the length of the episode itself to be a couple of minutes longer. Every nür and PoRO releases should be like that, and they might want to remove the pre-episode recaps too while they’re at it.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your hard work, Tennouji, it’s very appreciated.
    I don’t know where else to post this but Aisei Tenshi Love Mary ep 2 rip by hikiko123 has around 5 seconds missing at the beginning, just so you know.

  • Indonesian Weeb

    Regarding episode lengths: I’ve noticed that, for whatever reason, 20 min. episode lengths are now the standard. Instead of 25, 27 or even 30. What’s up with that?

  • Anonymous

    what is nur ? and why does it look like poro? are they the same company?

    • Anonymous

      nur is poro, they change their studio name

    • mega94

      It’s just a production label. Nur is the last label created by the publisher A1C in 2019, as is Poro, Collaboration Works, Suzuki Mirano, ect.

  • raiden18

    Miku is alright, cute and hot, but my dude had a good thing going with the milfy goodness that is Yukari. I guess that’s the way the story is going, him complicating his relationships with the women in his life. So, having said that I fully expect Yuki to come back and help make things complicated too.

    And yes, extra good many props for getting rid of the preview and making the episode shorter. I have no problem with the longer episodes as long as they have good scenes, but to make it artificially longer with the recaps and previews doesn’t do any good. I got in the habit of counting all the minutes not spent on the episode content in poro releases (weird, I know, I know) and of the 25 minutes of this episode, 16 was actual content. Seems really unnecessary…

  • Anonymous

    This episode was all cute, playful and sexy, but I’m not forgetting the very beginning of the first one. My guess is that the main character will receive the School Days treatment, but maybe there’ll be a plot twist and the kuudere Miku will turn out to be a yandere and eliminate one of the other girls, or even her own mother. We’ll see…

  • Zagloel

    Another hidden gems! Thank you for the video

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