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  • aidschbe

    Should I just assume this episode is about jam fetishes and naively watch this?

  • bryanis

    Well, it’s soooo O-K to display picture of young girl covere din strawberry jam when it’s so not O-K to put picture or young girl covered in yogurt…

    However I wouldn’t watch this assuming it’s all going to be jam fetish… (well, do if you want, just make sure you’re near the toilet in case of need….)

    Been a long while since Poro did some G*ro stuff….

  • Daremo

    I was hoping this would answer some questions, but as it is, I’m just going to edit out the ‘Next Episode’ bit of part 3 and pretend it ended there.

    As always, thank you very much for all your hard work.

  • Rbreezy

    Bad ending

  • Anonymous

    Are they a vampire or sucubus? im confused…

    • bryanis

      No info in the different episode official description and no comment either.

      Nothing really said about the girls… But the (physical) ease with which they dispose of the guys, the mental control over the 3rd girl and the guys – and the comment from the mother to her daughter about how “she like that form” when she compare her body to the 3rd girl’s one…. yeah, they most likely ain’t human. What they really are is another question (since they can also be some sort of Yokai or mythical beast from Japanese culture…).

    • Anonymous

      My guess from fast watching the raw…
      more like mental issue.. they like to have fun by breaking people.. such crazy plot twist form ep3…

  • Anonymous

    A H of vampires and a lot of blood, because the white-haired girl is drinking blood.

  • Anonymous

    was ok for 1st couple eps but ep 3 and 4 it just went off in a really stupid direction and got stupid

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ending of 3 got weird and could’ve taken it to an interesting way and just went into guro and overtly sadistic at that. Pass.

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