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    NOICE!!! Thank U!

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    Thank You for This

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    Praise be. Saving the best for last

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    That thumbnail is very misleading

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry you’ll get over it

  • Bryanis

    A bit too standard now but not much choice in thoses school NTR stories…
    Look like it’s scheduled to be in 6 parts.

    • Anonymous

      If you really consider it, about 95-98% of what is typically deemed “NTR” is the same 3-4 plots.
      1) School + Teacher/Janitor with a blackmail type scenario of loyal gf leading to them eventually breaking and becoming whores.
      2) Sterotypical goon rapes/drugs and then breaks them sometimes with blackmail/threats to force them even into the situation. 3) Workplace/Financial type blackmail situations, almost always ugly bastards sometimes with other guys if its OL stuff.
      4.) Or cheating that I GUESS you could call NTR in a broad definition everyone seems to use nowdays.

      Almost all with a meme tier dumbass/clueless bf/husband/fiance(rarely) who doesn’t notice anything the entire time or until the very end where he’s almost always forced to see it. ,

      tl;dr NTR has gotten stale as fuck with rare gems like Saimin Seishidou and Yarichin Kateikyoushi Netori Houkoku the past few years. Just the same shit thats going to enrage anyone who isn’t warped/desensitized/cuckolds. I damn near wrote an article, so I’m going to stop. Just sucks. If its not vanilla I want something that isn’t mindless shit that I’ve seen 50+ times. Feelsbadman.

    • bryanis

      Well, if you go into Netorase (and not Netori), it’s usually between 2 type :
      1) guy coerce girl into sex untill she fall for his big dick
      2) guy rape girl until she fall for his big dick

      I’m not into NTR so i’m not really objective here, but it really lack story of originality. So you just end watching it just for a pretty girl getting banged.

      The thing that really piss me in theses stories, is the reason why the girl let themselves get fucker at the start. It’s nearly like “I’m gonna fuck you, you can’t say no.”

      Well, no point keeping the debat going on since a lot of them are anime adaptation of H game / manga / CG set / Doujinshi … so story ain’t the anime maker decision.

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    Can there be a 1080p version?!

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    K-Kawaī ?

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