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    really fast thank you

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  • bryanis

    After the mermaid, here come the Oni.
    Wonder how far they are going to go concering the adaptation from the manga this time.
    If they adapt everything including the side story bonus tome, that’s up to 12 ep in total that can be made :drool:

    Thanks for the gift man !

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      I’m not going to say that such a thing won’t happen, but also the only series that immediately come to mind that have had that much in the past are first Stringendo at 12 itself, then an additional 10 in the related setting; followed by the full breadth of Oni Chichi.

      Though maybe you could argue that since the vast majority (though I will admit not all) of Kinohara Hikaru’s designs are so cookie cutter to each other (not to mention that how many of his works with “that” design are essentially interchangeable with one another), that A1C has their own “cinematic universe” now, and thus have more connected episodes than any other series ever!

      …if I choose to conveniently neglect the fact that said shows aren’t all adapted from the same original source companies…

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    thank you

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