Fortune Quest L — 01 DVD LQ

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw

Video: DivX 5.0.3 29.970fps Constant Frame Rate, 640×480
Audio: MP3, 128 kbit/s Constant Bitrate
Subtitle: English Styled Softsubs

This is an episode that I worked on a few years ago. The only reason I even did this was that it is one of the first few anime from my childhood. I didn’t want to post this back then since I doubt I’ll find time to work through the whole series and piss everyone off for even trying. There seems to be an English license for this, but I never saw any of those so the script was made from scratch. I then forgot about it afterwards.

I saw it again earlier while cleaning my drives and I thought that, whatever, and just put it up here anyway. Uploading this on April 1st would’ve been a better idea, but I doubt I’ll remember doing that later. So, yeah… Have fun and enjoy this years-old script in a decade-old shareraw of a two-decades-old series. I don’t care anymore.

You can have a peek of this episode here if you just want to see what it has.

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  • Anonymous

    Cool. Thanks if u end this series that will be lit.

  • Viren21

    I guess its a good way to save files in an rather than simply deleting it to oblivion forever.

  • Anonymous

    Please continue this series even though this is not hentai. I love watching anime from early 90’s too.

    • anon123

      I second this. The plot is good (can’t go wrong with a fantasy/adventure setting) and I found the characters very likeable. I’d like to at least see a little more of the story; if the OP is any indication, we haven’t even met the whole cast yet.

  • anon123

    Checking this out simply because it’s so rare to see you doing non-H anime (I know it’s happened in the past, but this is the first one since I started following your blog).

    Also, I’m a bit partial to cel animation and old school character designs… maybe it’s just nostalgia, but they have this charm that the super shiny and clean modern animation does not.

  • Anonymous

    I see there are at least two seeds for the entire raw torrent on Nyaa. @Tennouji, if you have the remainder of the series in Japanese dubbing without subtitles, would you be able to seed a torrent for us plebians?

    • Anonymous

      Took some work, help from a friend in Japan, and now both RAW torrents of Fortune Quest L in Nyaa are seeding with 100% availability. ^_^

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