(COMIC1☆8) [Junk Box (Mutsuki)] Fuku o Shinchou Suru Tabi ni Aniki ga Koufun Shitekite Chou Uzain desu kedo?

Translation: Tennouji
Edit: Tennouji
Raw: cgc

We’ll close the one day translation spree at an auspicious 7-day streak with an OreImo doujinshi. This is not a sustainable pace, especially since I have to do other stuff. I’d still be looking every now and then for anything nice to pick up, but it would be at a rate where I won’t be reducing my lifespan.

I’m a Manami fan, but I loved Kiririn too. OreImo is the first anime that brought me into light novels, so it always has a special place in me. ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

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