Furifure 2 — 01 DVD LQ

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from hikiko123

Our first PoRO title is now here. I picked this one up since I liked the first Furifure albeit being made by a different studio (PinPai/Office Takeout). I made chapters for this video for easier seeking/jumping since it think this OVA needed one, and I imagine some of you not being fond of reading the intro texts as well so it should be useful.

There’s something that I only noticed now about PoRO’s releases. They give us more than three minutes of introduction in pure text form, then wraps it up with a two and a half minute preview for the next episode. So in case of this OVA, subtract both of those from the 23:36 clip yields us with about 17 and a half minutes length. Yeah, it’s on par with the shorter releases other studios have. I’m not sure how long they have been doing this since I didn’t really pay attention about it in the past. I guess it’s fine though, and I generally like PoRO releases.

Comments (4)

  • DarkAngel2224

    Yes no 10-bit thank you 🙂

  • kucing

    The text introduction usually in high numbered episode.

  • Super Gotenks

    Are you associated with hanime? Your translations always end up on their site like two days later.

    • Tennouji

      I’m not but if anyone’s going to use my releases for things like these, I’d prefer having my self-credits be kept in the English translation. I try to make the credits as less intrusive as possible so it won’t affect the watching experience so I guess that would be the most I could ask to everyone.

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