Haritsuke — 01 DVD LQ

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from hikiko123

There were a couple or so of minor audio distortions, but I’m not sure if that’s from the DVD itself or if it’s a ripping issue. Other than that, this is a Clone Ningen story so it’s still something to see.

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  • Anonymous

    Animations like this is why we have Carona… love your work Sakuracircle, but you need to have standards…

    • Kerb

      Standards? Hes translating almost every eroanime that comes out as it comes out for like the last few years. Not just going off what you think he should be translating. Dude is covering everyone’s standards not just yours that you seem to be trying project onto him. Dont like it? Just dont watch it? Won’t hurt you either way.

    • Anonymous

      lmao standards shut the fuck up if you had standards you wouldn’t be jacking off to a bunch of animated gifs on loop

    • Haru

      I agree with u, the animation is really bad, and my expectation is really high for this hentai. Better you read the manga than watch the animation/hentai, i can’t enjoyed and hard to get cum :/

    • anon123

      Queen Bee isn’t known for their superb animation, but it’s not horrible to the point of being off-putting either, and the artwork, plot and dialogue are usually very faithful to the manga. Not everything can be a T-Rex or Collaboration Works release. In any case, I’m grateful for all translations. It would be hard to decide (fairly at least) if something was good or bad without knowing what the characters are saying or why they’re having sex 🙂 So thanks for sharing!

      As for the hentai itself, it had interesting twists for an NTR story, and the last scene may be a cliffhanger?

    • Anonymous

      and yet queen bee is still going strong and releases hentai in monthly basis and still can compete with other hentai release. unlike other like ms picture, pashmina, edge is gone.

  • raiden18

    Thanks for the release, and thanks for mentioning the audio clipping issues… Thought my ears were going bad or my speakers were acting up…

  • Anonymous

    image the guy betraying is wife for those ugly JKs…he deserves to be a cuckold…

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