Haritsuke — 02 DVD LQ

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from hikiko123

I’m finding it difficult to explain the 2:6:2 in the last part. IIRC it’s some sort of statistics stuff where data sets like how people’s performances in a group are usually distributed in a 20% good performance, 60% normal performance, and 20% low performance pattern. It says that if you take the top 20% high-performing people and make them their own group, 20% of them will perform above average, 60% as average, and the other 20% will slack, replicating the same 2:6:2 pattern again.

The closest thing to this that I can think of is the Pareto principle. It’s an 80-20 pattern that might be familiar to some people, with the 20% being relative (or influencing) the other 20% and 60% combined.

It really doesn’t matter that much since it never made much sense in that part of the story, which seemed to me more like “what goes around comes around” and other similar duality philosophies.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Tennouji,

    Please add studio to tags if possible. I usually avoid Queen B releases and this one looks like it.

    • Anonymous

      i guess your one of the Queen Bee haters then just because of a “slow” moving scenes and i guess doesn’t reflect how “fast” those scenes in the manga counterpart lol.

    • Anonymous

      I dislike their style of animation except for couple of titles. Somehow it doesn’t work for me like manga does.
      Still I don’t have any strong feelings like hate towards the studio. My suggestion is not just tag Queen B but all releases.

  • R0R3

    I know the 20-60-20 principle not in relation to performance, but group decisions. If you pitch an idea in a meeting, the initial reaction will be that 20% agree, 20 disagree and the remaining 60 will be on the fence about it. The numbers don’t really matter, the point of the idea is just that one should never try to approach any group decision by trying to win over everyone, because some will always disagree. Instead, the focus should be to find the 20 positives and bring the remaining 60 on board with them.

    Haven’t seen the episode yet though. In any case, thanks for the release, as always. <3

    • Tennouji

      That was just an example. The concept is that data sets tend to fall in (or can be expressed with) a 2:6:2 ratio. It can be a bee colony, an election, etc.

  • raiden18

    I think I understood the 2:6:2 thing after coming here and reading the post and the comments, I just don’t think I understood how it related to Michiru at the end of the story. She felt bad for pushing her boyfriend into falling for Saegusa and regretted her actions, I get that, but I don’t get how it relates to what she was saying. Also, they really went at it in the school courtyard like that, damn…

    • Anonymous

      I understood it as an equivalent exchange sort of thing. Michiru ended up splitting with her boyfriend and transferring to the prestigious elite school, thus increasing her social standing. But as a result, Saegusa-sensei had to fall from grace to the point of having wild outdoors sex with the entire campus watching. So Michiru went from the bottom 20% to the top 20% and Saegusa did the opposite to keep the ratio intact.

  • Nakadashi Sensei (@NakadashiSensei)

    I guess Tennouji is waiting on Puff for those two T-Rex rips in HD. However I wouldn’t even bother. Just translate and have Puff put the subtitles in his releases whenever he decides to drop them

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that’s probably what’s happening. I’m with you, I’d rather the SD releases be pushed out as soon as the subs are done (thank you, Tennouji!) and the SD source become available and then have them added to Puff’s HD releases, assuming they aren’t both available at the same time. I’ve been waiting so long for the third (and soon-to-be fourth) of Youkosu Sukebe Elf no More e, so seeing the SD be available for a few days and waiting for that subbed/HD release is excruciating. I’d happily take a subbed/SD release right about now.

      That being said, I’m thankful for getting subbed releases at all (since not many seem to be willing to work on subtitled hentai), so if it means me waiting then so be it. I’m just happy there are people like Tennouji willing to put in the work for us!

    • Tennouji

      If you’ve been following our releases in the past 2 years, I used to work on Bunnywalker titles first, and I usually stall PoRO and other labels that I happened to be working on if a new Bunnywalker raw suddenly appears for the beginning of the month. I find myself having the easiest time working on them (about 1-2 hours of TL/Timing per OVA) so I used to prioritize them.

      The only way that I’ll put an immediate initial release of any Bunnywalker titles again is if anyone will be able to convince Puff to let me work on his web rips instead. I don’t see that happening at the moment unless I keep myself from releasing the SD DVD rips. That’s why I’m never putting out both Sukebei Elf and AneYan despite having them translated first before Haritsuke.

  • mega94

    I can understand the point of view of releasing the HD ver. in a single release and the desire to work on it directly. The problem is that at the moment, web releases are not reliable at all. They depend on the work proposed by Puff, and on the patronage done on his Discord server. Hikiko releases her own releases without any apparent difficulty.

    This will unnecessarily disrupt your releases, not to mention that you don’t seem to be against V2 releases. Everybody’s patient, including you, and I think it’s more frustrating than anything else to hope for a Web release that will come very late (or maybe not at all), when everything seems to be ready on your side.

    You keep harping on about how difficult it is to get the files for Puff; if it’s that restrictive, and Yanmama 02 is that broken for example, don’t put that wish first. Looks like DVD releases will be even more reliable in 2020, what an irony!

    • Anonymous

      What I’ve been trying to understand for years is why is there a lack Hentai Anime sharers who are willing to work together? It’s been like this for years. It’s such a small group of people who release hentai these days. I used to know a guy who did encodes for a major hentai anime group over a decade ago. He told me most of them argued about different things like release dates, encoding techniques, etc.

      I will give you one example. The name he’s using is now is velka. He did lot of hentai encodes up until some time in 2019. I’m sure most people know are familiar with is encodes for erokuni. What most people don’t know about velka, is he wanted to be only one who released new hentai anime encodes on the web. There were some users who shared H DVDISO’s many years ago on nyaa and he threatened to report thier IP’s for sharing. This is factual but I’m sure most of you don’t know this information. That’s very egotistical and vicious IMO. The username he had at the time was pila13. He has changed his name on all of the forums he joined. So, it’s difficult to find his older posts.

      I’ve been collecting Hentai Anime BD/DVD’s for 15 years and communicated with some groups over that time. So, I’m speaking from experience.

      I look forward to hearing from anyone here who can answer my question. Why can’t hentai anime sharers/encoders work together?

    • mega94

      Your story reminds me a lot of the HentaiZone website. Why can’t hentai anime sharers/encoders work together? Because they know that it won’t work, either financially or because other anonymous people find it hard to trust each other. The reality is that if you’re on your own, it’s less risky than dragging other people into the mess.

      If I take my example, Hikiko123 may actually be a group of people or just a wealthy person smart and passionate enough to have released his releases over 11 years, but still, I’ll trust him more than most of the uploaders we meet on the web. Even if he would leave without warning, or even if his releases are of very average quality, it would be very hypocritical to criticize him. The same goes for every single person who bust his ass to publish something, like Puff.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your reply. That makes sense. However, I don’t see why people like velka, had to discourage other anonymous users from sharing DVDISO’s. Telling them he’s going to report their IP’s. That seems more like trying to have “exclusivity” on a release than not trusting an anonymous person IMO.

      I used to share DVDISO’s but stopped after people complained about the file sizes and starting making demands for specific titles.

    • Puff

      Just an FYI, I had contacted Tennouji months ago offering him exclusivity for my rips, but I never got a response from him. Only recently did he mention it again and I’m fine with him releasing the v2 or whatever himself while I upload only the RAW. Either way, it should be solved now. I’m not here to be a villain any more and I am open to work together with whoever wants to. Just contact me directly.

      I won’t discuss the issues surrounding delays, but if you want to know more you can always talk to me on discord directly. The main delay should be obvious though. Hikiko123 gets his DVDs days before official release.

    • Tennouji

      If you’re willing to give exclusivity for the raws, I’ll take that offer.

    • Puff

      Respond to my DM on discord and we’ll see what’s next from there.

  • Anonymous

    Noob question here. So hanime.tv releases use these subs with higher resolution but lower quality and watermark? What raws do they use?

    • mega94

      You’re welcome, any question is interesting. They just take over Hikiko’s raws and upscale them with precise filters and software.

    • zoklev

      “The encodes from hanime are super nuked DVD re-encodes from an already poor quality DVD encode and are very destructive to the original source.” & they upscale with “something that nukes the video’s details a shit ton” ~Puff 2020

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