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  • Anonymous

    noice, thankss

  • Anonymous

    Thank You, really fast and great

  • Feli

    thought that blowjob scene was gonna be awesome judging by the preview pics, but the severe closeups ruined it….why do they thing we wanted a closeup of the eyes for most of it…

  • raiden18

    Blackmailed her with her gacha spending? Seems kind of weak. “Enought to buy a house” is a lot, but they’re rich, so that’s nothing for them.

    Thanks for the ep.

    • Bob6969

      I believe it’s more about it looking bad which will tarnish her image. Japanese people really care about that kind of thing after all.

    • raiden18

      Yeah, seems like it was about saving face, which seems to be a big thing in Japan. Still seems like a minor thing to blackmail with though…

  • DFeras

    TIME FOR THE MILF! i’m disappointed that they didn’t give us the milf in the other series

  • anon123

    Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, I didn’t like this episode much for the following reasons.

    It’s basically the exact same plot with Shiho as the “target” and very little variation otherwise, to the point some of the narration lines were almost recycled from episode 1.
    Unlike Reina who acted like a bully towards the protagonist, Shiho seemed genuinely nice and even ends up confessing to him (sort of), which makes the H scenes cringey to watch since she’s clearly not into it and there isn’t even a nominal reason to dislike her.
    The blackmail material was so weak, is hiding gaming expenses worth getting raped over and over? Not to mention the ridiculousness of not only literally spending enough money to buy a house in mobile games (even if those things are designed to be addictive) but also that said spending would go unnoticed in the first place. I guess we’re supposed to think “they’re rich, that’s why” but still… bleh.

    But well, at least the visuals were good. I was hoping the maid would get more screen time, since she’s a cutie and also seems to know something about what really happened to aunt Megumi (a subplot that was apparently discarded).

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