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  • Anonymous

    Thank you!

  • raiden18

    Thanks. Really liked the scene you capped for the post above. It was really hot, and really well animated. Didn’t expect a wholesome-ish ending like the one we got. Shiho really was besto waifu.

  • DarkTemplarXIII

    I guess turds get happy endings sometimes. Lol

  • meganeshounen

    The fatguy getting a good ending with nobody getting turned into a cumdump slave?
    Rare, but I’ll take it!


  • Daremo

    Well that ending came out of nowhere. Surprising that neither route had him ‘winning’, and keeping the house. Is there going to be a maid route?

    • Anonymous

      Would love that too. AFAIK there were also two other characters who didn’t show up in the OVA and were only mentioned by name. But Reina and Shiho were the most important ones, so I doubt it. That or maybe we’ll get episodes 5 and 6 on 2025.

  • anon123

    Thanks for sharing! I’d been wanting to know what happened with Megumi since the end of episode one, so I’m glad it was finally revealed here. And what a big plot twist that was… well, I guess this is what a happy ending looks in this series.

    By the way, the “DVD, Hentai, LQ” tags are missing from this post?

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