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  • Corey Barrett

    I wanted it so thank you for releasing it.

  • feli

    omg!! thankyou so much i remember this from years ago i downloaded it only to find out it had no subs and the audio was out of sync, then i lost it and couldnt find it again lol every year or 2 i go to find it but never could! pls do more old ones like this, these new ones lately are all the same and are getting boring

  • Serhiyko

    Is there any chance you might consider translating 2nd episode of Onna Kyoushi Nijuusan-sai? I’ve been waiting since forever for this series to get subbed, then an year ago, the first episode got translated, and since then… nothing. It’s even worse that I got excited and already watched the first episode but can’t finish the series now. If I knew the second episode isn’t coming, I wouldn’t have hurried up to start watching it

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