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  • Anonymous

    Thank You it is really great

  • Anonymous

    This is a historic release. First ever H anime to be released simultaneously with its original H game source Day One as both dropped last Friday.

    Also this is one of the very rare H anime releases to feature Futanari on Male. Last one was Youma Shoukan e Youkoso earlier this year.

  • Anonymous

    from the PV alone the animation kinda reminds me of Shikkoku no Shaga. it seems they also open it story first and H later.

  • Daremo

    Eh? Is this a hentai Lunar? No, my precious childhood!

    unzips trousers

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I’m curious why there isn’t any 1080p version of many recent hentai? but I can see that muchohentai have 1080p.

  • raiden18

    Wasn’t expecting her to be futa, that was definitely a surprise. Good episode, Erika was cute, but it really is a “buy the game for the rest of the story” kind of release isn’t it? Teased a few more characters but didn’t do anything with them. Also, from the few samples I’ve seen, this seems to be the rare case where the anime has better artwork than the game (my opinion of course), usually the other way around.

    Thanks for the ep.

  • anon123

    The Shikkoku no Shaga comparison above is spot on. The first half of this didn’t feel like a hentai at all. Opening song, plot, very good character designs and animation, a cute familiar. As for the second half… what an unexpected twist 😉 Still played out pretty vanilla otherwise.

    We got a few extra bits of the story after the credits, but since this ended with a literal advertisement for the game, I don’t think there’ll be a chapter two. Which makes me sad because it reminds me of Imouto de Ikou, one of my all-time favorites which did get two episodes, but still left out a ton of plot and characters from the source eroge 🙁

    Thanks for sharing!

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