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  • nala

    another reskin, god i miss old hentai

  • Anonymous

    For some reason my torrent client can’t download due to glitch in code wtf

  • Eugene

    Author, or anyone who knows, Could you please give me a run down on how the code works in Aegisub ( m 0 0 l 815 0 815 290 0 290) that creates the colored boxes that block-out the Japanese text so you can put the English over top of it in these types of videos? I know enough to be able to edit the text of a file and can barely remember how to change placement, but can’t for the life of me decipher how to interpret the code to create the block-out panel.

    I’m sure it’s a tall order but perhaps since Aegisub site seems to be no more (and their instructions I found on archive sites don’t help me, Maybe you can take that and make your own manual for the program and maybe elaborate on things skimmed over such as this.

    Thanks for your releases and hopefully a response to this.

  • Anonymous

    do this one have a sequel??

    • bryanis

      Since the title mention “episode 1”, you can at least expect another episode (unless it’s selling so bad they cancel the project….).

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