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    Does the story reset?

    • Bryanis

      No, it don’t reset.
      It’s just adapted from a game where all the scenes happen when you’re defeated.
      So far each episode had basically one infiltration / defeated by random grunt (not game over) scene and the stage boss defeat scene.

      1st episode was 1stage of the game.
      This one is 2nd stage of the game.
      Game have 4 stage.

      Too bad they’re doing mini episode, but they are basically sticking to the in-game scene text…

      Spoiler alert !!

      Sadly they didn’t expend, because the next episode is gonna be a mess ( monster stage with lot of side event – random girl getting H you encounter during the mision – and multiple trash mobs defeat as there are different kind of monster), and last stage has 2 ending, one on a side boss and one on the final boss… but it’s a Yokai stage… aka Japanese monsters).

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