Kutsujoku — 02 DVD LQ

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from hikiko123

It’s a pretty generic Bunny Walker conclusion. The whole OVA is focused on Ayana which is pretty nice. As typical as the series is, I think that it’s a good way to entice and encourage people into trying to play the game to get more of the stories.

VN/Eroge is a whole dimension filled with treasures from past to present, so I’ll encourage anyone who hasn’t dabbled in this media yet to give it a try. It’s a whole new world of experience, and the media is just as rich and wide as others like anime and manga. You might be able to find something you’ll personally enjoy, from simple TokiMemo/Jun’ai Monogatari/Amy to Yobanai de retro-nostalgia and wholesome stuff like the Kanon/Air/CLANNAD Key trifecta, to more hardcore stuffs like Bible Black and Yu-No.

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  • Thiago Brisolla (@_ThiagoBrisolla)

    dude i’m just like you … it’s dimension I’ve been living in for a long time … well thank you

  • anakbelakang

    In the past i’ve played VN like Steins gate;, Ef series, i think the latest one is Grisaia series (i know this closer to eroge than VN)

  • Viren21

    Well the sad truth is, most of Bunny Walker’s adaptation of visual novels doesnt really have an english release. Visual Novels in particular is really niche and often limited only on what is available in the english market. If only its fast like how translating an animation and using photoshop for a single page of a manga’s chapter it could become a standard monthly release. In addition, the many problems its facing from quality english translations to game bugs and cliche reactions/comments of “I want an uncensored release”.

    Most of the visual novel titles you said are Golden Classics that really paved the way its potential as a genre as well as a game.

    • anon123

      Visual novels have many, many more lines to translate than the average anime or manga, and you have to deal with the additional technical aspects (text encoding, word wrap, engine bugs) on top of that. For the longer titles, the amount of work involved is insane.

      As for the niche appeal, unfortunately you’re correct. This is only slowly beginning to change thanks to Steam releases, though it’s mostly all-ages and/or cut stuff due to Valve’s ambiguous and selectively-enforced policy regarding sexual content (see the SonoHana fiasco of last year, for instance).

  • bob604

    What a nice early surprise.

  • thekit

    not trying to impress you or anything… lately i read all your comments and i like your comments which are very honest and so true for each anime you subbed. Thanks for your hard works and sharing… looking forward to the next one

  • anon123

    I also really like eroge. The format allows for longer and more complex stories, and since they are seen from the protagonist’s viewpoint and you get to make choices, the sense of immersion is greater too.

    However, their biggest disadvantage is usually having lots and lots of hours of gameplay with multiple routes and endings, and let’s face it, most people will want to see all of them to know how they differ and what becomes of each character (and because of the sexual content, you can’t watch a Let’s Play on YouTube instead). So finishing an eroge takes more time and dedication than a hentai or ero-manga. Also, a lot of these games sadly don’t get translated and likely never will, making the hentai adaptations our only opportunity of getting a glimpse of the story 🙁

    Anyway, a few more additions to the names already mentioned: Katawa Shoujo, ef – a fairy tale of the two, Tsukihime, Little My Maid (I don’t care that KS wasn’t made in Japan, it’s still top-notch). Saya no Uta is also cited as a classic and has received a remastered release lately, but since I don’t like horror much I haven’t played it yet.

    • Viren21

      Im just replying back at your reply on my comment.

      It maybe streamlined on Steam but still its way ahead on regarding it as a proper game. Many people are really mislead for something that is already regarded as one such example some people deliberately or flaunting nsfw tags only of a specific visual novel then roasting it because of those. In the first place they didnt even play the game and just saying it as a simple porn game.

    • anon123

      The “these are porn games, duh” mentality, and plain old trolling, aren’t something that will disappear overnight even if assisted by the most liberal game publishing policies. In the former case, it doesn’t help that Western games with sexual themes (which a newcomer audience is going to base its expectations on, at least implicitly) are mostly crap with little value as either entertainment/fiction or pornography; the Leisure Suit Larry series is the only good one I can think of right now.

  • D-one

    My fave site for stuff like that is simply called erogedownload it has a decent collection of translated vn eroge and games. I hope Tennouji doesnt mind me mentioning it

    • Tennouji

      No problem. I’m actually quite familiar with the site since about a decade ago, I used it a few times for quicker hotfile DDLs as an alternative to hongfire torrents and I’m quite familiar with the site’s old purplish color theme. Who knew back then that hongfire would die off (kind of) while that site is still alive today.

    • anon123

      Seeders on Nyaa torrents die out over time, and the same happens to links on Anime-Sharing, but I have yet to find a deleted file on Eroge Download or their sister site erogegames.com, so for that alone I can definitely recommend them. For non-licensed works, the pre-applied translation patches are sometimes outdated, but a trip to VNDB (to check who’s translating this game and visit their homepage) should solve that.

      A little secret… the file host they use limits speeds to 250 KB/s, but you can download more than one file at the same time, and also skip the 120-second waiting time by using this JavaScript code.


  • D-one

    Yeah I think its pretty ancient, not too sure but I think I saw it first around ’02 and I certainly didn’t expect Hongfire to leave us first, … miss HF…good people there

    • D-one

      Thnx for the script btw anon123, somehow I didn’t see you when I read Tennouji’s reply. guess I wasn’t completely awake yet.

    • anon123

      You’re welcome! I did post my comment before yours, but it wasn’t immediately visible as usual. My guess is that the last line put it in the moderation queue.

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