Kyonyuu Princess Saimin — 01 Web

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from Puff

Just a heads up: This isn’t a perfect raw. The title section seemed to be hardsubbed, so those who might be using our script as a base for non-EN variants won’t be able to remove/edit it. The episode title (Revenge ~復讐に立つ亡国の王子~) translates to “Revenge: The Prince of A Ruined Nation Who Rises Up for Vengeance”.

Other than that, everything else should be fine.

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  • Anonymous

    ohhh ok !

  • ageha

    Great, Lune stuff is always welcomed

  • Nakadashi Sensei (@NakadashiSensei)

    Its interesting because Puff has been using your subtitles for quite sometime now for his direct rip
    releases. I agree with his sentiment. I wish that hikiko123 would do direct HD rips instead of DVD especially since this is 2020. However hikiko123 is still the best because uploader puts up everything that comes out.

  • Cbr82

    Thanks a lot, was waiting on it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Reading the word “kyonyuu” brings joy to my heart!

  • mega94

    Not very interesting as a WebRIP if you can’t make complete changes right down to the episode title, whether in English or in another language. I don’t share the opinion of doing softsub on 95% when the title is hardsubbed, but hey… I’ll be honest, but I’m not taking your video. I just extract the subtitles and edit them myself with a clean RAW, even in 480p. I’ve already talked to the person in question and it has nothing to do with your job, Tennouji, which is impeccable, as always. Thanks to you.

  • Anonymous

    Please translate Ore no yubi webrip 1 episode

  • Anonymous

    Please use a another codec. HEVC codec doesn’t work on standalone devices.

    • anon123

      Tennouji didn’t do the encode, see the notes about the raw in the description.

      In any case, run the video through Handbrake with the “Very Fast 720p30” preset, animation profile, framerate set to “same as source” and audio passthru. You’ll have an H264 file in a few minutes.

  • mega94

    Currently, Hikiko’s outputs are by far the best, despite the relative quality of the 480p encoding. RAWs are clean & anonymous. The slow availability of his outputs is certainly due to the multiple IPs/Proxys connections that he is forced to use in order to guarantee sharing. Also, next year, it will be 10y since he shares his releases, remaining quite detached & independent from a community, with a very good discretion, which reinforces the idea of trusting him.

    • Anonymous

      yea, hikiko is very consistent in releasing new hentai unlike the other with watermarked introduction but they seems stop and get hikikos release and marked as LQ..

  • Anonymous

    Now, THIS, is what I’m talking about.

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