Lolita Anime (Nikkatsu Video) — 01 LD

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from торрент иваниваныч


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  • Kucing

    I watched this (based on AniDB).

  • Anonymous

    Are you going to do the other two episodes of this series?

  • Anonymous

    First ero-anime OVA ever? Grabbing it for scholarly research purposes 😉


  • Anonymous

    man, this bring me back some good memories of the 90s, Dragon Pink, Urotsukidoji…I miss animated cell hentai.

    this hentai has everything, Colonel Sanders, R2D2, Lolicon, Futa, Uncensored…what a trip!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, this was vaporwave as fuck. Thanks for the release! If there are more episodes I’m looking forward to watching them for that alone.

      Uncensored was surprising. Were Japan’s obscenity laws not de facto enforced at the time (if this was one of the first hentais ever made), or did they just take the risk?

  • Anonymous

    why am i getting Otaku Killer vibes in this hentai wtf

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