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  • paul

    thanks a lot 🙂

  • bryanis

    Thanks, was really waiting for this one 😉

    Wonder if there will be a 3rd ep….

  • Krow

    Damn, they are cute.

  • Anonymous

    Love the art, but hate the author for creating twins with a clear winner, and never actually giving her any.. The guy even cucks himself by only using toys on her..

    And Kaede even has the gall to get jealous of Suzu when she’s getting toyed with on the roof, while she’s the one who gets all the dick..

    • Krow

      I hope there will another episode, this time pertaining to Suzu getting railed. I love how she toys with her sister & the guy, but never wants the pleasure for herself. Her & Kaede truly are opposites.

    • Anonymous

      Based on the source material, it won’t happen in the next episode if there is one.

    • bryanis

      Yeah and no. The base content is up to ep 6. And the anime is up to the end of ep 5 of the manga. With 2.5 manga ep per anime ep, there should at least be the ep 7 of the manga in it, but since it’s not out (as far as I’ve seen), we don’t know. Sadly, between the manga release of the next content and the anime adaptation, it’s possible they’ll stop here…

      Or wait at least till late spring 23 for the next one, if not fall for another 2 ep…

      (either way, it’s either sad they stop or too damn long to wait).

  • Dominiation Loss Lover


    This adaptation is just so great!

  • Anonymous

    Can I get the raw sub file I got a better quality version of this

  • Bryanis

    For the fans…
    Dlsite just release the official English (subtitle only) HD version

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