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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for release!

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you! I’m glad the studio behind this is making this one 4 episodes

  • raiden18

    Did Kaoru do well on his tests and get his reward? I gotta know… the suspense is killing me… Find out next time on Dragonba… errr… I mean Mako-chan’s Development Diary.

    Didn’t really care for the story, didn’t do anything for me, but I thought Mako-chan was cute. Might have a thing for ladies with bob cuts… might have to “investigate” further…

    Thanks for the ep.

  • bryanis

    Always impressive (well not anymore with 354684165 work the exact same thing each month) how quickly theses girls fall to the first guy to jump on them….

    I know original plot can be hard to make, but all theses release are starting too look all the same by now :/

  • MoeG

    Not saying it’s good or bad or anything but since there are no tags or labels to let you know what this is, it’s another NTR. Site needs something to tell the category because this is like the 7th one in a short period of time and some people may not like the content.

    • aidschbe

      Honestly at this point I just assume it’s NTR by default.

    • Bryanis

      By the time you see the big bro watching the girl from the house after like 2 mins, you know it’s gonna be NTR.

      At least this time it’s not the pure girl who fall to sex pleasure after 10 s of being raped. This one a slut from the start (I mean, used to masturbate to porn, and get so horny from a kiss she’s wet enough to stain her pant and need to enjoy herself to stop the “itch” …), it’s just to bad she don’t put up a fight or plainly seek her rapist for more from the start -_-

    • MoeG

      Yeah, the NTR is starting to feel all the same. I don’t hate NTR but if you eat steak for a month you’ll start to crave chicken. There’s a series that’s NTR coming soon that is 6 episodes. I think one more non NTR this month and then in August we get some more non NTR.

    • Anonymous

      so google the title..

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