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    Been waiting for this! Finally!

  • Anonymous

    Thank You!!! 😀

  • Danny Andradre

    muchas gracias la comunidad vhentaicommunity te agredece espero con asias sus futuros trabajos sigan haci

  • KiberRussian

    Who could advise how best to adapt “Budding” for the Russian-speaking audience? It has several meanings. So I’m wondering if there is some hidden meaning here as well. [Gemini] actually says that these characters can be translated as “female in heat”, which somehow makes more sense 😀

    • Bryanis

      Answering you is kinda hard since most word have different meaning. So you need the actual situation and the whole phrase.
      Plus, translating a translation is one of the best way of losing the original meaning since the first translation is already a kind of interpretation…

    • Tennouji

      The title is a wordplay of budding, a symbol of “springtime” or “growth”. The first kanji was swapped with “female” used to describe animals, which is a negative connotation and usually refers to female instincts/urges. It’s less of a “state” like being in heat and more of an “awakening” as a woman.

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