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  • Akamaru

    Can you sub the other episodes too?

  • Kucing

    The other already subbed.

  • Anonymous

    Thank You

  • Kucing

    green woman, no blood
    her sister, has blood

  • mega94

    Kaho is not Asahi’s sister. They are old dormitory acquaintances from an academy. They’re so close that Asahi thinks Kaho is his sister, but they’re not related.

    • Tennouji

      The translation is appropriate, especially since English speakers don’t exclusively use “sister” on biological siblings/cousins. Actually, they use the term more towards close friends than their own family.

  • anon123

    Thanks for taking on this one, since the previous four episodes were done by Erobeat if I remember correctly. I was surprised to hear there’d be another two. It’s not hard to know what to expect from a Bishop high school eroge, but who knows, the MC may actually get what he deserves this time (I recall his uncle had something to do with the school and was in a position to take action, but details are hazy). Or Miyu-sensei will turn out to be Hatsune Miku in disguise 😛

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