Nee,… Shiyo — 02 DVD LQ

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from hikiko123

Here’s yet another Queen Bee adaptation release for Pija’s lovely manga. This one has a watermark, but that’s the only source we have at the moment. I think it is tolerable, since you can tolerate the Queen Bee release enough to watch it in the first place so a little watermark should be nothing for you, right?

I had a lil’ too much fun trying some more typesetting tuts and forgot about the time, but I think it’s worth the learning experience with this release. I included some chapters in the video as well.

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  • Oira

    can you use upload the script by itself as well?

  • Diogo4D

    You are doing a really good job. Thank you!

  • Angelium

    Thanks Tennouji – your typesetting has definitely improved a lot.

    I think one improvement I can see is making the text appear more natural, e.g. adding a little blur to blend the text with the background or object.

    You may find this helpful:

    • Tennouji

      Yeah, I only realized that on duplicate line typesets I should’ve blurred the primary line above the separate second border line below to make it more natural. I’ve been trying to not use as much blur as possible, but maybe I didn’t notice it before since I’ve been working on signs using a 480p raw zoomed in @ 125%.

      I’ve been practicing all these typesetting so I can use them on Saki as well as latter revisions of what I translated (DVDISO/BDMV sourced versions I would want). And upon revising the Saki episode scripts lately, I started to notice and understand more of the typesets UW-M did in them. I’ve been learning/picking up new info about those typesets as well.

  • kucing

    Wow, this unusual.

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