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  • Anonymous

    Lets see lets see…

  • Anonymous

    5 minutes!? 5….MINUTES!?
    Do you think it only takes someone 5 minutes, now!?
    Are you making light of a human being!?!?

  • Indonesian Weeb

    It was exactly what I expected it to be…

    Welp, not every seasonly short hentai can’t be as good as Overflow.

    10Q though Tennouji

    • anon123

      Well, these short episode series follow a strict formula…

      A female main character who has less personality than a gray suit and is only there to advance the plot.
      An attractive male character who makes rapey advances on her and is the focus of the series.
      A rival that shows up halfway through and tries to seduce the girl, but doesn’t really make any serious attempts; he is only there to cause drama and make the other male realize he really has feelings for her.

      But at least the visuals are good, and in a worst case scenario, you’ll only have wasted a few minutes per week 😉

      Overflow, Joshi Ochi and Araiya-san did something different plot-wise, not to mention the humor, and as a result I liked them a lot.

  • raiden18

    Was really thinking about watching this one, but you’re going to be subbing it, female MC is cute, and it’s only 6 minutes long, then sure why not.

    Thanks OP.

    • raiden18

      Meant “Wasn’t” to be the first word in the post above, not “Was”… Sorry for the double post…

  • anon123

    A pleasant surprise to see you take on another five-minute episode series. Thanks for sharing!

  • Daremo

    The shojo is strong in this one.

  • DANIEL ray mazeii

    didn’t expect an actual plot when i found out it was 5 minutes

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