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  • Kucing

    What, the blonde guy has no action?

    • Anonymous

      He wouldn’t have; this is the most “shoujo” hentai I’ve ever seen, and shoujo basically means no partner swapping. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are production notes for a spinoff staring him as the romantic lead, but IF it ever happens, he’d only get action with one girl in that, too–and not with the main girl from this series, either.

    • garry

      to be fair shoujo always have that one attempted rape chapter usually when they go on a trip

    • anon123

      Usually, the rival will at least attempt to make a move on the girl, even if they don’t have sex. Here, he didn’t, in fact he barely paid her any attention. This was even poorer than the average 5-minute hentai.

      Nonetheless, thanks for your work on this series, Tennouji!

  • Indonesian Weeb

    Glad it did end with sex in this one.

  • Anonymous

    Can you post the entire series as a batch please?

  • Anonymous

    New hentai out. No subbing yet? 🙁

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