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Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from LGGABOR

Here’s the surprise I was talking about last time. This will be a good test run, so let’s see how a weekly series will fare in my usual schedule and if the shareraws will keep coming up regularly. Karaoke will be added next time, most likely at the batch but can be earlier.

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  • dankest

    Praise be to Jesus!!!

  • poros

    Finally, “someone” translated it :3

  • otosan

    are you masturbating with chinese cartoons again, son?

  • anonymous

    any other anons from the /a/ thread? XD

  • anon123

    Big surprise, indeed. These five-minute episode hentai get a lot of flak, but personally I like them because character designs and animation are excellent, the plot is decent enough, and if it turns out they suck, then at least you didn’t waste a lot of time watching. Joshi Ochi was my favorite, I can’t count how many times I laughed with it… conversely, Sweet Punishment was the worst of them all, the plot and ending made no sense and the H-scenes were bleh.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    Here I go again locking my room and unzipping my pants

  • Mega94

    Even if it’s made by people who worked on Sora no Otoshimono, Aki Sora, & No Game No Life, this kind of series made for 2-3 years remains tasteless. It’s nicer than most of the H-anime released in the last few years (except maybe the Mary Jane animes), but I don’t know, I have a hard time enjoying them. Unnecessary waste of time that will simply diminish your free time. Other people have already taken care of the old Houkiboshi/Magic Bus prods, you could have kept this availability for something else.

  • Anonymous

    that magical moment you recognize the source from the thumbnail alone..

  • Destiny101

    Ohhh that’s Hot! Thank you kind Sir!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone who posts here NEEDS to have sex. Yikes.

  • John Rhogan

    Love the preview picture (GODDAMN!!)

    Also, since when does pornime/aniporn have plot? We all watch hentai for the animation quality, right? lol

  • Anonymous

    Hello sir how do I print video to the “A3 paper” format ?
    I can not play the video because of slow internet collection,,
    Thank you and have a nice day

  • Anonymous

    ^ proper build up to the h scenes are always much more exciting to watch. Doesn’t need a lot of plot, just a little more than instant insertion without context.

  • Anonymous

    So I downloaded the file but when I play it there is no subs

    • Bryanis

      No problem on my side. Either the movie player you’re using is outdated (updated it), missing some codec, or it’s unsuited for the movie (maybe try another one if you got one installed).
      Another possibility is that the subtitle isn’t activated by default, you’ll have to activate it yourself through the option.

    • Anonymous

      ya found out its my movie player

  • Anonymous

    So did guys know that former JAV actress turned Cosplayer,Author / Radio & YouTube Personality, Kaho Shibuya, voices one of the sisters? I’m not sure which one though

  • Web lover

    This is a web manga from cool mic called my brother slipped inside me in the bathtub Enjoy

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