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Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from LGGABOR

It’s a nice and safe way to end the series. This makes me think about the possibility of a second season, since the third heroine can be inserted in the story at this point now. I can’t get enough of all these Illyasviel Kotone moans. This is a very nice episode, but the best one for me will still be the first one. The bath scene is just too hot to be topped by other episodes.

I’m thinking of doing a batch some other time for mostly minor fixes like episode title consistency, as well as putting the ED on first few episodes that lacked it. We’d go straight to a BD batch if that will be available soon, which would be the best case scenario.

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  • Anonymous

    I am definitely wishing for a 2nd season but that will depend on the sales of the bd/dvds I believe.

  • Indonesian Weeb

    D’aw no. It’s finished.

    Thx for providing us this weekly sunday fap. And here’s hoping for a second season. We need more Kotone von Einzbern!

  • Kucing

    Can someone explain their bracelet?

    • Anonymous

      It’s the RFID wallet on water park. Use to pay various stuff around. No one would take cash to water right?

  • anon

    thanks for uploading these

  • Komodo

    I tried to convert the file to mp4, but there is a weird slowdown of the video after converting and in the preview. I use XviD4PSP. Is it possible to download a mp4 version of the series?

    • Tennouji

      Try using more up-to-date encoder GUIs like handbrake.

    • Komodo

      I’m using an old pc possibly vista. But I can’t seem to run the Handbrake at all.

    • Komodo

      Ok, I got it to work, but the subtitles disappear after converting. How do I keep the subtitles in when converting?

    • Tennouji

      IIRC there should be a subtitle tab on the options. You can select any available subtitle in the video and set it to hardsub.

    • Anonymous

      If your pc cant run handbrake, would you try Megui?

      or just run x264 using command line, we could provide you with the command line

    • Komodo

      Ok, the subtitles work, but for some reason, the converted video came out 2 minutes shorter than the original video. Am I using a trial version of Handbrake?

    • anon123

      Make sure you set the framerate to “Same as source”, since this release runs at 23.97 FPS, but the default for most profiles is 30. Also, if your target device supports AAC audio (and likelihood is really big, but I’ve dealt with very picky consumer electronics, so I’ll make no assumptions), you can set the audio to passthru to speed things up. Same with disabling any and all deinterlacing, since it’s not needed here.

      Handbrake has no trial versions, it is free software, and a very good one at that. Its only shortcoming is that it can’t do upscales, so if you ever want to “restore” a low resolution video by applying filters, you’ll have to use something else.

    • Komodo

      Ok, Everything is working now, Thanks for the help. You know, for some reason, this series is the only ones that gets that weird slowdown, while your other works are converted just fine on my other program…

  • loplop

    Shame it was only 8 episodes. This is the first of the short run ero-anime series like this that kept my interest, probably because I’ve been a fan of Kaiduka’s works for years.

  • anon123

    Shoot, I was really hoping we would get 12 episodes 🙁

    Thanks for all your work on this series!

  • raiden18

    That was a kind of anti-climactic climax… Was expecting a scene with all three of them at the same time, as is tradition with these kind of stories. Still got another hot Kotone scene though.

  • Anonymous

    after nutting countless times this entire week I dont think I can pass NNN challenge.

  • Anonymous


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