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  • Max777

    thanks you are the best

  • Rachet

    God damn that cliffhanger. Such a good episode, that reaction at the end omfg.
    Thank you, looking foward to the next!
    PS: the credits music is insanely good.

  • carma68

    After a little doubt for credits music, I searched and focusing on the tempo of the piano & the chorus, it looks a lot like the track “Wow War Tonight” Tetsuya Komuro. It’s quite disturbing.

  • Taufiq Ensem

    i thought they also gonna put the 1:30 am chapter in this video

  • anon123

    I really hope I’m wrong (and there was a large gap between episodes 1 and 2), but it looks like this one has been axed. A shame, as the story was different enough to be interesting, not to mention character designs and voice acting were superb.

    For those who want to know how it continues, all four chapters of the source manga are fully translated, and the first two are even decensored.

  • Anonymous

    Any chance episode 3 will ever get subbed? Seems nobody has subbed it.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks you!

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