Rune’s Pharmacy — 03 Web HD

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Tennouji

Video: h264 Hi10P 23.976fps Constant Frame Rate, 1920×1080
Audio: AAC, 320 kbit/s Constant Bitrate
Subtitle: English Styled Softsubs

A bit late, but better than later. As always, I had to encode it first, and you know how slow my internet is. It took me longer uploading than translating this.

Now that’s a doujinshi anime studio, alright. They pushed it to the limit, and I won’t be surprised if this’ll spark some outrage or whatever.

Who cares, I prefer the maid scene.

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  • Kucing

    Web HD? Not DVD?

    Usually you don’t encode, is it because of Full HD and the fie size is really big?

    • Tennouji

      Yep, that’s the primary reason why I encode releases like this. I prefer releasing them in a more practical file size. The good thing is that people who’d like the originally published videos can just remux the subtitle and font files to the original source, so it should still be okay.

      That’s why I always advocated for softsubbed releases ever since it became a thing, there’s no good reason not to softsub unless you are a streaming site.


    ‘Who cares, I prefer the maid scene.’

    Well maid scenes are extremely hard to fuck up, unless you’re a total idiot

  • Kucing

    Damm, I want this uncensored.

  • gaigous

    I love this series so much, the last episode was top-tier with that elf maid x ojou-sama futa.

  • Anonymous

    The scene with age regression was top tier.

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