Saimin Seishidou — 01 DVD LQ

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from hikiko123

I know that I’m a bit more forgiving on the quality of releases especially the ones from T-Rex, but I like this one a lot more than how I usually do compared to other T-Rex/Bunny Walker releases, but not more than any T-Rex/PinPai ones.

I also checked the manga and it was one hell of bad translation. I’m not even sure if that qualifies as a translation or if it’s already a rewrite, since it got a lot of dialogues wrong. I’m not talking about inaccurate translations when I said “wrong”, I’m talking about lines that doesn’t have anything to do on the original Japanese text. What’s more, they got one of the names wrong.

You might be surprised since I don’t usually nitpick or rant about stuff. It’s just that it is such a disappointment for me since the manga is good and it deserves a better scanslation.

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  • Bob_LeeX

    “since the manga is good and it deserves a better scanslation.”

    There is a Fakku version which is uncensored in high quality that is professionally translated.

    • Tennouji

      Then that’s a great thing, but what disturbs me about this is that there are some people out there who pay for commissioning stuff like these to scanslation groups who does jobs on this level because they didn’t know any better. One will only catch a poor translation/rewrite when one actually goes out of their way and check the raws, which people who commission to these groups most likely won’t do since they are gonna pay for a translation in the first place. That just hurts the scanslation scene as a whole, imagine when one realizes after a while that he/she paid someone for nothing more than a machine translation or rewrite.

      I’m not one to talk for the scanslation scene since I only did a couple of those, but IMHO if one will receive monetary payments for scanslating tasks, they should at least do a job on par or even better than how good licensed releases can be. Otherwise, they should just scanslate for free, so there won’t be any pressure like that. People reading scans like that are being misled by the bad translation, and could also be misled into paying those groups for commissions who do outputs like that which doesn’t justify the cost.

      But yeah, who am I to judge people from other scenes, I’m a nobody in the scanslation scene. Heck, I’m even a nobody in the fansubbing scene. Streaming sites are way more popular than my own releases.

    • Bob_LeeX

      You make a very good point. I agree.

  • monstervong

    They need to animate the other one where it’s 3 girls bullying the dude and he hypnotises them for revenge.

  • feli

    ahhh the never ending capctha ples use something else…

  • zeit

    I hope the rest is animathed.
    Thanks for the subs.

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