Saki — 01 Blu-ray

Video: h264 high 4:4:4 predictive L5.0, yuv444p10le, 1280×720
Audio: AAC, 320 kbit/s Adaptive Bitrate
Subtitle 1: Default Script
Subtitle 2: No Notes

And here we’re yet again revamping our Saki Blu-rays. I apologize to anyone who might have waited all this time. I know it’s a disappointment that I won’t be releasing a batch in one go, and that it has to be a new encode, but I won’t be able to handle this task in one fell swoop.

Good thing is, this revamp has its perks:

  • A better video/audio quality (don’t take my word on it and judge it yourself)
  • Heavily Retimed Script (I don’t know why but, I noticed that there are many lines off by a frame or two)
  • Heavily Edited Script (this is especially true on mahjong notes)
  • Two Subtitle Tracks (First one is the default, while the second track does not have the mahjong notes)

It’s been years since I started working on the episodes, and after taking a look at it again, I saw a lot of errors and nitpickings in the script. And after trying encode the episode again, I saw a noticeable improvement of video quality in general. The new encode preserves colors more accurately when compared with the BDMV stream, as well as the details. Saki Blu-rays are not best known for its own quality (I’m not fond of interlaced BDMVs), but there really are many tiny details on it that is more apparent compared to its past DVD version (in my opinion).

So here it goes, I’ll be doing the episodes again from the top, but I’ll be prioritizing new H-anime release translations whenever something that I like comes out.

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  • EinsamerWanderer

    I’m glad to see you’ve not abandoned the project altogether. Thank you for your continued efforts; cheers!

  • KuroiHikari

    About the sanshoku part, I have read from someone’s(Yumichin) comment that in the JP manga it was supposed to meant that she threw away the sanshoku for that cheap hand(The english translation is wrong). Well in the anime Kyoutarou only mentioned that how did she get a sanshoku, he probably meant how did she got so lucky and got a sanshoku tenpai when she sucks at mahjong(assumed by the true newbie).

    On other note, I’m really happy to see this getting picked up again. Thanks for the hard work!!

    • Tennouji

      You’re welcome. I’m still kind of trying to allocate time and organize some stuffs like video encoding since I do it in in my home PC, which means I can’t use it for anything aside the browser (which lags) whenever I encode. But I’ll do the releases one episode at a time. I really want to redo all of them since I steadily find one issue after another when I rewatched my past done episodes. And honestly, the encodes I did sucked. It really did.

    • KuroiHikari

      Managed to find a raw chapter of the manga and what Kyourarou said in the manga and anime is the same “三色捨ててそれってどんなん!?”. With some translation help(google XD) and yeah he pretty much says “What you threw away a sanshoku for that?”.

      Just take your time, no one is rushing you to complete the whole series. Still, I am truly glad when I saw this being picked up again few days ago, which ended up me starting to rewatch Saki again. Will probably marathon again once the complete BD collection is finished.

  • AnonJohn

    Never going to finish at this rate. 🙁

  • joshua delprado

    still alive?

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