Saki — Blu-ray Episode 19

Saki - 19

Video : H264 1280×720 @ crf 18 (10-bit) | H264 848×480 @ crf 18 (8-bit)
Audio : AAC 2.0 – 192kbps
Subtitle : Nozomi/Underwater-Mahjong/Doki-SGKK, edited/retimed

720p : Torrent | DDL
480p : Torrent | DDL

Well, it took exactly one month for another episode. I don’t know what to say, maybe something like “we’re making a progress at least” or “more updates soon”.

I liked the scene in this screenshot. Somehow Koromo’s slight movement here seemed more beautiful than usual. Check it out yourselves (00:18:41) if what I said just made sense or not.

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  • EinsamerWanderer

    Slow progress is always better than no progress. I appreciate the work you put into your releases; thank you!

  • kayuinc

    Saki BD must go on… Really appreciate your hard work toward finishing this series. I really hope all of you can finish release the series

  • cryea

    Thanks! Slow is better than none for sure, but I hope you can finish before Zenkoku-hen starts airing in January. It would be great to watch this leading up to the new season.

  • Saten-chan

    Glad to see an update! And like cryea said (not to rush you or anything) but it would be really cool to have this series finished before Zenkoku-hen.

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