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  • handholder

    Jesus fuck that’s a lot of piss.

  • Cultured Bro

    Thank you as always but I just can’t get into this, lots of recycled animation from similar previous series.
    Who’s great idea is it to add flashing lights and panning shots? Jeez, talk about having seizure while poppin a boner.

    • Anonymous

      You aint cultured bruh

    • bryanis

      It was worst some years ago, a lot more of flashing light… (yeah, they managed to do it… and yes, you can wonder how many guys die from seizure, pants on the ankles in front of their computer running porn material……).

      Since the circle mainly do H game adaptation, and they do success game adaptation, the anime is usually good IF you can get past the flash and high speed change :/

    • Anonymous

      It’s the signature style of Teruaki Murakami. He’s the closest thing hentai anime has to an auteur.

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