Seikatsu Shuukan The Animation — 01 DVD LQ

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from hikiko123

I’ll be honest, I see this as a bad week. Having about 5 of hikiko123‘s releases delayed and then shoved on the same day is a huge burden of workload. And 2 of those are PoRO, with one of them being a new title.

Thanks to me listening to my gut instinct, I translated two titles earlier using different shareraws, and that meant that I just had to retime them, cutting the script workload by about half. It’s not that much of saved time, though, since timing the dialogues is a strenuous effort in itself, especially when you consider the fact that you already timed them on a different shareraw and how that effort will be thrown away for a new one. And one of the two early titles is an almost 500-line script that I literally timed one-by-one twice for two different raws. The redundancy will start to get on you when the workload is piled up and you’re going inefficient to make the releases a bit earlier than usual. Hell week is this, indeed.

How much time did I save for going through all that? About a day, I guess. It means that in these two titles that has been put up today, one of them would’ve been released tomorrow instead. Pretty trivial time may it be at first glance, but that one day delay means much more on this week, since a day of delay means all successive releases for this week will be pushed a day later as well.

Regarding this OVA, they named the release as volume 1 so there should be a second episode, unless this title gets cancelled (which is highly unlikely). I know that some people out there are glad that this Michiking story is not a Queen Bee (Studio 9 Maiami, etc.) title, while some people are still not satisfied with this level of quality. It’s under the PinPai label, and made by Studio Seven, and I personally like this overall if you’ll ask me.

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  • Untitled

    Yay. This hentai seems like the best.

  • Unknown

    appreciate all the hard work. If you don’t get it out immediately, it’s not the end of the world?

  • Max777

    Thanks for the great effort! ….. keep going!. maybe you could shorten to earn money and reward your effort

  • Unknown

    Relax bro … do it at your own pace and we always appreciate everything you do.

    • Tennouji

      Thanks for your and everyone’s kind words. This is actually me pacing it out in a realistic sense. Taking too long on heavy weeks like this is a bad idea, since the workload will bleed into next week’s releases if it doesn’t get cleared in time.

      That is something I’m trying to avoid, since taking more than a week to get each week’s releases get done means that the following week’s releases are less likely to get done in its own week, and it’ll make a domino effect of never-ending workload.

  • someone

    I say take yer time with releases.

  • kingwolf

    if you burn yourself out on such a killer pace, then who will we lean to for excellent hentai? so as everyone says man, take it easy! without you there isnt quality!

  • AhmedAR

    Thanks Tennouji and take your time at translate. I appreciate all your hard work~

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