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  • 生意気後輩

    Hell , im first !!

  • kazukaya

    Yarichin Kateikyoushi Netori Houkoku when?

  • Anonymous

    This is gold, i really like the VN

  • Anonymous

    Nice work ?

  • anon123

    Thanks for sharing! Animation lacked a bit during blowjob scenes, but this was otherwise fairly good.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet vanilla goodness.

    Thanks, great work!

  • raiden18

    This one was really good, maybe the best one so far this year (might be influenced by recency bias there). I usually don’t like the longer eps that approach 30 mins because it feels like it gets repetitive and drags on, but this one didn’t have that issue. Might have been a combination of great scenes and chemistry that kept it from getting dull due to length.

    Anyways, thanks for the porn.

  • Anonymous

    The eroge was licensed and translated some days ago, if anyone’s interested… still dreaming of Amakano or Ane Yome getting an English version myself. Also, I find the character designs on this one weird, too much forehead.

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