Servant x Service — Blu-ray Volume 1

Video : H264 1920×1080 @ crf 15 (10-bit) | H264 1280×720 @ crf 15 (10-bit)
Audio : FLAC 2.0 | 320kbps AAC 2.0
Subtitle : Commie

1080p : Torrent | DDL
720p : Torrent | DDL

Err, umm… just can’t help but doing this. I love comedy.

NOTE: There’s a 30-second scene before the OP theme in the first episode which isn’t on the Commie’s TV version release.

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  • anon

    Cool, loving this show.

    You’re probably already aware, but Commie rewrote a line to “die white male cis scum” or something dumb in episode 5 or 6. Of course it’s your call but I think a lot of your leechers would like that line reverted. The rest of their subs for this show have been solid though.

  • Tennouji

    Thanks for that reminder, gotta put it on my note for this title so I won’t forget it.

    Actually, I’ve been choosing only one between this series and Kin’iro Mosaic as a new project. Now that I did Servant x Service, something inside me wants to do Kin’iro Mosaic too… Saki Blu-ray already needs heavy editing (literally line-per-line checks and editing the signs) so I’m kind of lost about what to do. I wish I can finish Saki soon and find some Nekogami volumes to resume working on those. I lost the Nekogami JP BDMV’s for other volumes (trying to look where to get those again).

    And about using Commie script, I personally thought that theirs are good, and figured out that some other fansub would do this soon, and most probably they’re gonna use Flax. So I decided to use Commie subs as a base and just edit the script as I please.

  • np

    Commie script algorithm:
    sed “{
    }” Crunchyroll.ass > Commie.ass

    Seriously. Since you will be editing anyways, would you consider using the original, pretty please?

    • Aradi

      Yep, I agree Commies subs are horrible
      especially the ones that came with Hagure yuusha

    • anon

      as long as you trust SakuraCircle’s editing, I’m not sure what the problem is. unless you got so butthurt by a Commie release that you don’t even want their name associated with anything you download. but no one here’s that pathetic, I’m sure

      both HS and Commie’s scripts need editing for an archive-worthy BD release, so as long as the editor sees to the issues, it really doesn’t matter

  • fagget

    >Subtitle : Commie
    God dammit I trusted you guys.

  • mianghuei

    When looking at subs I look at first and then judge the other eps too.

    Go with Horrible Subs and edit + get Romaji Karaoke from Flax + English Karaoke from Commie + maybe some typesetting from Flax + Commie.

    And take note of the comments for Episode 2 and Episode 5 cause the editing effort has sort of been done for you.

  • anon

    You’re aware that Dark_Sage doesn’t actually speak Japanese right?
    He’s the worst possible person to judge translation quality or anything for that matter.

    • Dark_Sage

      Dark_Sage here.

      You’re aware I leave translation accuracy to Crymore’s translation reviewer, right? And you’re also aware that there’s more to a script than just 1:1 accuracy, right (like you know any TL would tell you)? I suppose I shouldn’t even mention how you probably already know that by any metric of script quality, Commie and Flax screwed up their edit of the Crunchyroll script (like you already know, most groups don’t TLC Crunchyroll scripts and this was no exception, making the edits, karaoke, and typesetting the only measures of differentiation from the original).

      I mean, of course you knew all that. I’m just reinforcing your intelligence.

  • Dark_Sage

    SakuraCircle, if you don’t know who I am, I’ll give you some background. I’ve been fansubbing since 2008 and reviewing fansubs since 2010 (with over 700 reviews under my belt and counting my fellow reviewers — 750 reviews) and my site’s the largest non-IRC hangout for English fansubbers.

    If you check Crymore for reviews of shows you want to do blu-rays for, I think you’ll find a great resource for helping to inform your decision of which subs to use for your blu-ray releases. I can’t say my reviews will perfectly match your opinions, but I write them in a way intended for you to be able to come to your own conclusions with the aid of in-depth reviews from an experienced fansubber. Worst case scenario, you get some laughs out of my posts (I do write them with a certain flair).

    In this case, Commie put their worst editor on the project, making the Commie subs worse than the original HorribleSubs script (as I go into detail with in my review). If you want to save yourself some time, use the HorribleSubs base script to edit off of.

    • 085

      >Commie put their worst editor on the project
      I didn’t know commie had a good editor, oh wait that’s right you’re Xythar’s butt buddy. I always forget that

  • M.A.J

    thanks a lot for BD. Waiting for the other volumes

  • lonewolf

    hmmm is project stalled or you waiting for BD raws?

  • Anonymous

    All links are offline

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