Shakuen no Eris — 01 DVD LQ

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from hikiko123

I heard that there’s some drama going around at the community. I wish we’re as relevant as those people. We’re almost two years here and yet almost no one knows that we exist.

Oh well, I’m glad that we’re contributing to the scene at least. As long as our releases are being used out there, I’ll be happy to be of any help here at the outskirts of the hentai scene regardless of credits or recognition.

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  • tom

    thanks. I have to say that mask at the end preview for the next episode looked really good any idea when ep 2 comes out ?

  • vongdong

    I’m glad you exist and am thankful for your ongoing contribution.

  • tom

    Shakuen no Ellis: Watashi, Yuusha Yamete Mesubuta ni Narimasu! any idea where I can find it/download cant find anywhere

  • Ruben

    Thanks as always. Gonna spread some love around so more perverts come here.

  • Feras Al Harbi

    i for one am glad that you exist. you make my life a little brighter with every video you translate

  • pvukzahn

    No one notices you? Is there anyone else actually releasing subs for animated hentai on a regular basis? o_O

    Cause I sure as hell don’t know anyone else and you’re doing pretty much everything as it comes out, like absolute heroes. <3

  • Anakbelakang


    What kind of drama? im kinda out of water on this particular topic

  • tom

    just read that ep 2 comes out on 12th july. so does no one know where I can find the novel please ?

  • gaigous

    You’re the go to for most people who torrent their stuff IMO, I’ve seen sakuracircle thrown around on twitter as an alternative to streaming during the whole Fakku/HH fiasco.

    Once sites like Hanime and HH become less common, I bet people will come here in droves.

    Either way, you’re awesome, and I appreciate you greatly!

  • PaleBlue

    I could have told the HH guy not to trust Fakku. There was a lot of shady business when they first went “legit”. That guy is a douche.

  • anon123


    I don’t know anything about this drama you mention, but just want to drop by and say thanks for your undying work 🙂


  • Torima fan

    Any chance you guys can sub the Torima series by Mi Po Zi? I’ve been waiting for someone to sub or for it to get an official translation but it doesn’t look like anyone want to. I can provide clean raws if you need them.

  • Tor Browser user

    FYI, Tennouji, Nyaa started blocking Tor users from viewing the site. Your content is accessible on AniDex,, and MEGA. Thank you for all your work!

    • Another Tor Browser User

      Not all exit nodes are blocked, but you may have to build a new circuit several times until you find a working one.

      Other Tor-friendly mirrors include,, and (all HTTPS). I don’t know if they get 100% of new uploads, but SakuraCircle’s releases are there, and you can even find torrents that were deleted from .si.

  • scineram

    Nyaa also links to Anidex.

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