Soshite Watashi wa Ojisan ni… — 01 DVD LQ

Translation: Tennouji
Encode: Shareraw from hikiko123

nür? Hey, it’s a new brand… No, it’s just another a1c brand for original contents with the same PoRO staff. You’ll notice the same depraved taste of our schoolgirl-loving PoRO team in this. They sure love this kind of things.

I like Sakura. She looks just like Kasuri from Ane Chijo Max Heart.

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  • Feli

    ill say it again…i miss 90s hentai animation, so sick of this same shit over and over again, the cum always look like whip cream!!

  • I dont gib names

    I’m tired on PoRO everything its just literally clones, same character design’s same VA’s same basic “story”

    • tvesrb

      yeah PoRO’s pretty much an assembly line at this point.

    • anon123

      I keep hearing that PoRO sucks and their characters are palette and name swaps of each other, but I don’t share that opinion. Their character designs and animation are good, not superb, but good. I do have two complaints:
      * the multiple walls of text that are rehashed for subsequent episodes along with “last time on…” flashbacks, adding five minutes of filler or more;
      * their peeing looks like balls of shimmering light, awful and very out of place.

      QueenBee is much more deserving of the flak they get, though they still have their place in the world – art, H scenes and dialogue/narration are nearly identical to the source material.

      Anyway, just wanted to put that out there. Thanks Tennouji for this release 🙂

  • Indonesian_Weeb

    Tbf: I used to think that PoRO was mainly creating good stuff… Then again, it was around the time they made stuff like the original Oni Chichi, Floating Material, Papa Love, Fukubiki Triangle and so on.

    But lately it’s just the same stuff over and over with fat, old rapists. And their art isn’t as good as it was.

    Still thnx Tennouji

  • Just Fans

    Thank You

  • Max

    Thanks for your work. Nice to see someone who is subtitling hentais. Can you also translate [190712][White Bear]オトコのコ♂デリバリー. Is missing in the bundle.

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