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  • feli

    Wait did she die at the end they covered her face and carried her off, kimda wish it was all a dream again like the other ones

    • Anonymous

      I think the whole covering her with a sheet thing was to cover her up and prevent more onlookers from seeing/photographing her instead of a she is dead situation but that is just what I think.

  • Anonymous

    Thank You

  • raiden18


    Is this the first time that his actions are not a delusion? There is still one episode left, so maybe it is a delusion about having a delusion… Or, maybe the next episode is an alternate ending, dunno… I don’t think she died at the end, because he mentioned something about never seeing her again, and you have to be alive to never be seen again. Although you could interpret that as “she died, so because of that I was never able to see her again.” But I think it’s the first one.

    • anon123

      …man, what a mindfuck. I don’t think she was dead at the end of the episode, more like catatonic/in shock/simply knocked out. But if there’s a fourth episode after this then I really hope we get some real closure.

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Kucing

    The title contain “dead” word.

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