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  • Feli

    dark love and princess 69 was great but all his other ones are weird asf, can never get the scenes right, always too fast or bad camera angle

  • Kucing

    By the style I thought from the creator of Yakin Byoutou (Night Shift Nurses).
    But I was wrong.

    • John

      Murakami handled the character design and direction for some Night Shift Nurses OVAs (Anime Nanase Ren, Anime Kazama Mana and Anime Yagami Yuu). Maybe you were thinking of those?

  • DarkTemplarXIII

    Murakami’s character designs aren’t as good as say Dark Love. His older designs looked more sharper and detailed. The current designs look almost amorphous and strange. Especially anal scenes. Looks very weird.

    Thanks for the translation Tennouji.

  • Drunky

    Why didn’t they use the original Pinvise char designer, Satou Kuuki? Nice to see more of his material, but why not him?

  • Indonesian Weeb

    I guess Teruaki’ll never get as good again as when he did the original Taimanin…

  • DFeras

    the y stole the brainwashing plot from the battleship hentai

  • Anonymous

    even if i didnt watch, i always remember Imouto Paradise in it.

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