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  • xOnlyFadi

    Thank you I was waiting for the translation

  • Anonymous

    Blessed be this day! Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Thank You Really Fast, Nice Xmas Present

  • raiden18

    Thanks, really liked the manga and the anime is pretty hot too.

  • Anonymous

    No more insider comments Tennouji-san? i do expected some inner rants because i think this is the worst Pink Pineapple product despite how perfect their adaptations in general… nearly a lot of frame/animation that used again and again for several minutes omg.. were they kinda lazy for the whole year?

    i did disappointed for zipping my pants down while watching this junk hm

    • Anonymous

      well, its pandemic. despite of that they still trying to continue releasing stuff. your getting it free so why ranting?! just enjoy your free hentai. your the only one ranting here LOL

    • Anonymous

      i dont ask your opinion, you must be new here LMAO.. go see a year ago post and look around that the subber always commenting or reviews about every episode every releases even if its bad or decent quality

      and you being a hero didnt even flinch to bunch of guys like me who complaints for a free stuff, write that down newb lol

    • Anonymous

      Yeah alot of people are so entitled nowadays like this guy. There’s nothing you can do. His comment “were they kinda lazy for the whole year?” is so retarded.

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