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  • Anonymous

    Nice, thank you. Time to jerk with my 10 gauge.

  • paul

    thank you 🙂

  • DiabloTripleAAA


  • NNN

    I’ll download it but not watch yet.

  • Anonymous

    Drinking game watching this.
    Take one shot every time they say non blood related.

  • Krow

    Y’all decided to save the best for last, didya?

    I’ve already watched with no subs, and now I’ll watch it again, this time with subs. Thanx a bunch. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Lol a lot of men will fail NNN. 😆

  • Anonymous

    This single handedly took down many men for NNN

    Pun intended

  • Anonymous

    is it possible to get the sub file only?
    .srt etc.

    • Anonymous

      -> How to get subtitles
      It’s not in .srt format (you loose all effects by saving to this obsolete format!). The default modern standard for subtitles is .ass (Advanced SubStation format). Get yourself subtitle edit (you might want to deactivate some menus first), drag in the wanted file (mkv), then save the subs. Or you can download various mkv extract tools. It’s not really hard tbh.

  • Anonymous

    your my hero

  • Anonymous

    You used title for manga instead of anime. For anime title is “ã‚ĩキãƒĨバ゚喚んだらįžŠæ¯ãŒæĨた!?” so it should be transcribed as “Succubus Yondara Gibo ga Kita!?”

  • Nakadashi Sensei

    I had to watch it Raw as soon as it dropped via Hikiko123 but man, HD is night and day.
    Spoilers ahead.

    So in the original manga, she is in fact his actual biological mother. Same ordeal with 2020’s Ane wa Yanmama Junyuu-chuu (same creator Engawa Suguru) in which Aika in the manga is MC Takuya’s biological sister. They also did not include the very end scenes of the manga.

    Its the distinction.

    In ero anime, incest is very rare. In JAVs, its very common.

    Ero anime? She downs all of it. JAVs. Rarely at all.

    I remember the Reddit AMA years ago for the now defunct site, R18 (shutdown is January 31, 2023) JULIA and all the other AV stars, Kurea Hasumi, Shinoda Yu, and Hitomi, stated they did not like to down loads. Recent AV star I saw that took it down like a champ however was Minami Momo.

    • Anonymous

      Is it just the translation that makes them not blood related or the whole animation?

      I got pretty confused as I have read the original work where they were stated to be.

    • bryanis

      In the animation, in the subtitle he only mention her to be his “stepmother”. Although at the end while doing it he shorten it to “mother”….

      And yes, if you check the description of the anime, the story resume say she’s his stepmother – there even the tag “stepmother”.

      While the orignial CG set state it’s the mother, it has mother tag and even the title say it’s his mom that appear (which would made the MC a half demon … :p)

  • Anonymous

    Mega Link’s DEAD

  • Anonymous

    The whole animation just feels a repeat of the other works BW and trex did. I mean the formula of rushing and skipping scenes just to cover the whole story. In addition, its also the same with the sex scenes. Its just too rush to me. Its quite predictalr1

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