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  • Anonymous

    Thank you.
    Are you planning to do My Mother the Animation by Xter as well?

    • Anonymous

      “My Mother the Animation” is already Translated on Dlsite. Why would they waste their time on that?

    • Anonymous

      dlsite costs money retard

    • Anonymous

      The point is, is there is no need to Translate it. Yeah ofc it costs money, go get a fucking job if you can’t afford it. I guess leeches like you always expect free shit and never want to support. I get not buying raws…but come on…

      Anyways…maybe they do it..who knows.

  • In all seriousness

    Where did you get this from?! The top contributors doesn’t have them, I think.


    Is it good to watch or not ?

    • Anonymous

      Depend on your fetish.

      I found it kinda meh since I’m a bit tired of thoses stupid stupid story.

      But stupid hypnotism to get to suffocate the girl while raping her and making her believe she’s getting lovey dovey H with her beloved Kind (real life) dady didn’t turn my button.

      If you got time, watching it once, but else you’ll stash it to most likely never watch it again – if it’s not up your alley.

      As for quality and animation, same as Tanetsuke Ojisan to NTR Hitozuma Sex The Animation

  • Anonymous

    Underwhelming. Usually hypnosis ones are solid, but this one may as well be copied from a mediocre plot written back in the 2000s. Props and thanks for the TL. Unfortunate your quality TL isn’t matched with a disappointing work like this.

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