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  • Anonymous

    I prefer liliana-san

  • Daremo

    Ugh, too shiny. What, is she made of PVC?
    As always, thanks for your hard work.

  • Q

    boi o boi
    In the degenerate ntr bullshit infested world of exh this is a truly welcome sight

  • anon123

    Looks like a copy of Liliana-san, down to the title… but I loved Liliana-san. Thanks for sharing!

    • raiden18

      Both characters from manga that were created by the same author (Aoi Nagisa). And said manga themselves were pretty similar, short too, less than 10 pages per chapter, so not much time for character development. Hence, probably why Liliana and Anette are so similar.

      Oh, and thanks for the porn OP.

  • Mizuhashi Yusuke


  • Nakadashi Sensei (@NakadashiSensei)

    Spoilers ahead.

    This episode was MUCH better than the one last year. They’re two separate females with different personalities. The name Anette is French meaning gracious and MY GOD did this girl live up to it.

    Only thing that’s a negative is no Kiss Kiss (especially at the end since its obvious that they’ll be together indefinitely i.e. this is how I met your mom type of shit) and they should have highlighted her wearing her heels a LOT more. This would have been a perfect time for Seven to have implemented camera panning/zooming techniques especially when she was on the floor ready to suck the duck.

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