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  • dolan

    is this the final episode?

  • mega94

    Sorry if this comment is off topic, but since the chatango module has disappeared, I don’t have much choice.

    Hikiko123 reversed one of the audio tracks on Master Piece. Male voices no longer exist. Most hijacking downloaders repeat the error without taking it into account. Tennouji, I invite you to wait or choose the right version, or even start another translation instead of starting right away on Master Piece.

    • Tennouji

      I noticed it as well when I watched it earlier and suspected the same. I’m currently working on Jitaku Keibiin at the moment, and will push PinPai’s behind the two PoRO releases while waiting for a different version.

  • arkz86

    Given the ending I’m guessing there won’t be an episode 3. Still. Good kinky show, total slut of a wife. great art style.

  • Anonymous

    720 web version?

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